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Dal 1992, La Nostra Passione Per La Vostra SoddisFazione

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Marble Granite stone


Please find below some of our projects worldwide. We are very proud to have been chosen by major architects and developers worldwide to work on these projects and others.

Click image for close-up view
Banque du Luxembourg 1, Belgium
Banque du Luxembourg 2, Belgium
Banque du Luxembourg 3, Belgium
Bibliotheque 1, France
Bibliotheque 2, France
Bibliotheque 3, France
Caixa Galicia 1, Spain
Caixa Galicia 2, Spain
Caixa Galicia 3, Spain
Cunard House 1, London
Cunard House 2, London
Cunard House 3, London
Gran Lisboa Casino 1, Macau, China
Gran Lisboa Casino 2, Macau, China
Gran Lisboa Casino 3, Macau, China
Innovation Place 1, Australia
Innovation Place 2, Australia
Kenwood Entrance 1, London
Kenwood Entrance 2, London
Omelveny & Myers 1, Washington D.C. USA
Omelveny & Myers 2, Washington D.C. USA
Oxford Street Marble 1, London
Oxford Street Marble 2, London
Reed Smith, Broadgate Tower A, London
Reed Smith, Broadgate Tower B, London
Tomlinson Condominium 1, Singapore
Tomlinson Condominium 2, Singapore
Tomlinson Condominium 3, Singapore

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